Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Death of a Dream

When I moved to high sec, I had a dream: to make stuff and sell it to supplement my meager mission running income.  Over the last several months, I have been working on making that dream a reality.  I got my Amarr Empire standings to 7.20 so that I could anchor a POS near the Amarr trade hub.  I made 2 new accounts and have been running triple character training on them so that all 6 characters can now run the maximum number of manufacturing and research jobs at peak efficiency.  Most recently, I have been saving isk in order to obtain a decent collection of BPOs.

On April 15, CCP Ytterbium published a devblog called "Building better Worlds".  This devblog announced the focus of the summer EVE expansion.  It outlined all the ways that industry in EVE Online was going to change.  I read the devblog in a state of incredulity.  I could not believe that CCP would make such sweeping changes to industry that seemed to only benefit players in null sec.  I couldn't even fathom what CCP was thinking when they came up with this plan, and I couldn't believe that the CSM didn't shut this down as fast as possible.

I do not like the changes as they have been presented.  I do not like that I have spent 1.5 months of my time grinding faction standings only to have all my work amount to a waste of time.  I do not like having high sec industry not be a viable option in the game.  And coupled with the reprocessing changes, CCP has just given a huge "Fuck you" to everyone that enjoys making things in high sec or dreams of doing so.  And this is my standard reply when someone says "Fuck you" to me.  I have already unsubbed my 2 industry accounts and my second mission running account.  Now the only account I have active is my main mission runner, and his game time will run out in a few days.

So congratulations, CCP.  You have successfully pushed me out of high sec, although my destination isn't null sec like you were hoping.